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Aluminum Bi-Fold 3-Panel Patio Door 108" x 81"


Our bifold doors range from 6 feet up to 20 feet door configurations in standard opening sizes. Each panel ranges in size from 26 inches up to 50 inches. We have a variety of panels that fold to the left or right, opening either out-swing or in-swing. In addition, one door can be stationary and act as a single door, making this perfect for cold or hot days.


Performance Values:

TS EN 12207Air PermabilityClass 4
TS EN 12208Water TightnessE 900 - 900 Pa
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceB2 (800 Pa)
EN 10.077-2Thermal InsulationUw: 1,44 W/m².K


Thermal Chart:

This calculation has been made with 1,0 W/m2.K Ug value glass filling. U-factor 0.29 & SHGC 0.23. Doubled Tempered Glass Laminated Tempered Glass E Glass – Block UV 100% (Type A & B) Tinted Tempered Glass. Safety Tempered Glass.

Specifics: Long-term durability. Aluminum frames have a scratch-free coating. Moisture-resistant and will not rust. Small installation space is required. Creates more space both inside and on the patio. Enjoy much more natural light in your house. Heavy-duty hardware for smooth operation. Our Aluminum doors are top-hung systems.

Our showroom is located at:
143 W Rhapsody Dr., San Antonio, 78216
Phone: 210-231-0243
In-stock, delivery, and installation are available

Bi-fold Aluminum Patio Door 108" X 81", 3-panels 9'x6'8"

SKU: AB9-63P-T

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