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Aluminum Sliding 2-Panel  Patio Door 96" x 81"

The Nova Slide system is a complete solution for projects that combines sliding and side-opening sash options. Its polished and modern design makes it the ideal option for projects requiring wide spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance, and maximum ease of use. The Nova Slide system allows energy savings thanks to the thermal performance features. With steel rail and bearings, the sash carriage capacity is raised up to 660 Lbs. Nova Slide enables multiple locking mechanisms ensuring safety.


Performance Values:

TS EN 12207Air PermabilityClass 4
TS EN 12208Water TightnessE 900 - 900 Pa
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceB2 (800 Pa)
EN 10.077-2Thermal InsulationUw: 1,44 W/m².K


Thermal Chart:

This calculation has been made with 1,0 W/m2.K Ug value glass filling. U-factor 0.29 & SHGC 0.23. Doubled Tempered Glass Laminated Tempered Glass E Glass – Block UV 100% (Type A & B) Tinted Tempered Glass. Safety Tempered Glass.

Specifics: Long-term durability. Aluminum frames have a scratch-free coating. Moisture-resistant and will not rust. Small installation space is required. Creates more space both inside and on the patio. Enjoy much more natural light in your house. Heavy-duty hardware for smooth operation. Our Aluminum doors are top-hung systems. U-factor 0.29 & SHGC 0.23

Our showroom is located at:
143 W Rhapsody Dr., San Antonio, 78216
Phone: 210-231-0243
In-stock, delivery, and installation are available

Aluminum Sliding 2-Panel Patio Door 96" x 81"

SKU: AS8-62P-T

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